"Kizuri cha mtu kuonana na wake" ("A person is a person through other people") is a popular Swahili proverb making reference to the African humanist philosophy of ubuntu asserting that Community gives human beings their humanity.

Zanzibari are fantastic and warm people; curious and eager to learn more about you, they love to interact and communicate more about their culture and history, welcoming you to feel like home and Zanzibari while you enjoy your stay on the island! 

We are proud to be part of the local community of Kilimajuu village in Matemwe region of North-East Zanzibar. The village's main activities are fishing, agriculture and tourism. 


We are commited and dedicated to giving back to our community by working only with local people through employment or local products. Baskets, indoors shoes, mats are hand made from palm leaves by local women from the village. Curtains, pillows, mosquito nets are made by the local "fundi" (artisan). Dishes and cups are hand made by women working with clay from Iringa and stones from Ngorongoro crater (mainland). 


We are focused on conserving the natural resources of the island by  recycling and through an efficient waste management, by using environmentally friendly methods. 

Mama Bahati is our local property manager and will be happy to help you organize your stay. She has a gregarious sense of humor and always happy to share stories about the island and its villagers. She is very much solution oriented and has all the right contacts on the island. Do not hesitate to ask her for help, or advice.

Kidawa is a passionate gardener and provides the maintenance of the outside facilities.


Moussa is our security night watch.


In addition the house is serviced by two local cleaning ladies.

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